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We work with boards and senior leaders to advance diversity, equality and inclusion, using our signature model of organizational  change

Mante Molepo Consulting

The Tlou Model of Organizational Change

Diversity, equality, and inclusion is more than a human resources issue. It’s an organizational issue, and change must be led from the top. We provide boards and senior leaders with education, strategies, and approaches to lead structural change where board members, leaders, employees, and stakeholders are treated equitably and can experience full participation and inclusion. Sustainable and meaningful organizational change must be:





I was asked why I wanted to join the board. I was honest and, much to the committee’s surprise, said, “I want a seat at the table.

Over 15 years of experience working with organizations to advance diversity, equality and inclusion.

Years ago, during a board recruitment interview, I was asked why I wanted to join the board. I was honest and, much to the committee’s surprise, said, “I want a seat at the table.” The reason for my response was two-fold. First, I understood the importance of someone with my lived experience, as a Black woman, to offer a perspective to the board that was absent. The board had never had a Black Director. I also discussed the importance of not just recruiting a Black woman to their board, but ensuring that the environment would be one where the advice and perspectives I offered would have value, and would strengthen board governance.

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Mante Molepo is an exceptional leader, deeply and personally committed to the practice of equity and anti-racism. She is bold, solution-driven and holds in-depth understanding of how oppression and racism manifest in organizational settings. She leads with integrity and care, always centering the perspectives of the most marginalised and leaves no-one behind in her pursuit of equitable work spaces. She is also highly discerning, a practical changemaker who excels at creating the right space and tone for challenging and meaningful conversations. What sets her apart is the lens of her own lived experience and her grasp of the unique intersections of race, gender, disability and other forms of discriminations. At Amnesty International Canada we are forever indebted to her leadership. Her powerful voice and advocacy laid the ground for our transformative journey.

Ketty NivyabandiSecretary General, Amnesty International Canada

Mante Molepo skilfully delivered the Anti-Racism Training Program to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) executives. She is engaging and very knowledgeable of all aspects of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI). Feedback received from participants is very positive. This training was instrumental in our journey to eliminate systemic racism in our workplace. I highly recommend Mante.

Natacha PrudentDirector General, Canada Border Services Agency

When I was planning a Women in Leadership conference and wanted to profile a woman whose leadership has been particularly impactful I chose Mante. Her perspective and passion for leadership in areas of diversity and inclusion are authentic and informative in ways that so many others could never advance. Her professional and articulate manner of addressing important sensitive issues add to the relevance and sincerity of her message.

Katherine CooliganPartner Borden Ladner Gervais

Mante is a dynamic, engaging Facilitator whose use of storytelling is truly impactful. Her lived experience in addressing racism and her background in governance provided an enriched, and meaningful day of learning for all participants. We are looking forward to continuing our work with Mante.

Cheryl HodderKC, ICD.D CEO, Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society

Mante brings a vast experience and deep insights into guiding a delicate and important conversation on inclusiveness and anti-racism. Her sessions opened our eyes, provoked introspection, and challenged us to commit to building a better workplace – for ourselves and for our organization.

Marine PolicyTransport Canada

"Mante is an exceptional leader who facilitates thought provoking conversations about racism with great care and attention. Mante carefully creates space for differing views while maintaining communal agreements to ensure respect, empathy and curiosity among group participants. Individuals throughout our organization praised Mante for her efforts in immediately establishing trust and credibility. She approaches her work with great rigor, while simultaneously offering insightful strategic perspectives to shift organizational culture and inform transformational change. We have been grateful to learn from Mante and look forward to ongoing collaborations."

Suzanne ObiorahFormer Director, Gender and Race Equity, Inclusion, Indigenous Relations and Social Development, City of Ottawa
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We advise boards and senior leaders on diversity, equality and inclusion in governance, using our signature model of organizational change.

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Our DEI Governance Academy is a three-phased program to provide boards and senior leaders with knowledge, strategies and approaches to advance DEI in governance.

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Speaking Engagements

From keynotes, corporate events to conferences, board retreats and fireside chats, Mante has spoken to thousands of professionals across Canada and internationally.