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The Diversity Equality and Inclusion (DEI)
Governance Academy

A proactive and sustainable approach to organizational DEI

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Lead with Clarity, Purpose, and Confidence

Empower your board and senior management with proven strategies, competencies, and tools to make DEI foundational to how you govern and operate, even if you have never tackled these issues before. Through our three-phase program—encompassing immersive learning, specialized guidance, and a supportive community of peers— you can effectively integrate diversity, equality, and inclusion across your organization.

Join the thousands of professionals who have worked with us and enroll your board and senior management in the DEI Governance Academy today.


We have spoken to board members and senior leaders about what is holding them back from addressing diversity, equality and inclusion in their organizations.

This is what we have heard. Can you relate to any of the following?

“I feel I don’t have the lived experience to support diversity, equality and inclusion.”

“I believe that I’ve taken steps to implement our board’s diversity policy, but staff and senior management feel these initiatives are not enough.”

“I am very uncomfortable talking to board members and senior management about race and racism, and often don’t know what to say. I’m afraid I may say something wrong or inappropriate.”

“I don’t know how to respond to resistance from some of my board colleagues and senior management, and even some staff.”

“Our board needs more effective ways to monitor progress of our initiatives.”

“We need more guidance on how to work effectively with the communities we serve.”

If you are:

  • A board member or senior leader navigating the complexities of building an organizational DEI culture in an increasingly polarized world and but unsure where to begin.
  • Feeling unprepared or overwhelmed when confronting challenges related to diversity, equality, and inclusion, even though you recognize their importance.
  • Seeking tangible, actionable strategies to integrate DEI principles into your governance and across your organization’s structures and operations.
  • Identifying ways to strengthen engagement with stakeholders and rights-holders in order to inform strategic planning.
  • Facing resistance or skepticism within your organization when pushing for more inclusive initiatives and needing the right tools to articulate and champion your vision.
  • Determined to measure the progress of your DEI measures, but in need of a performance measurement framework.

… then enroll in the DEI Governance Academy, to receive the guidance, tools, and community you need to drive sustainable and measurable change across your organization.

The DEI Governance Academy is a proactive and sustainable approach to DEI

Our comprehensive three-phased program is designed to make DEI foundational to your organization

Through carefully curated learning modules, hands-on strategic advisory sessions, and an enriching community of practice, you will gain the tools, strategies, and the confidence to strengthen board governance, leadership and organizational performance.

Not only will you have the strategies, competencies and tools to confidently integrate DEI, you will:​

  • Advance the recruitment and retention of Indigenous and equality-deserving candidates.
  • Strengthen relationships with stakeholders, rights-holders and the communities you serve.
  • Hold the board and senior management accountable to advance diversity, equality, and inclusion.
  • ​Lead hard conversations on divisive issues without feeling like it is impossible.
  • ​Monitor and evaluate the progress of your DEI measures.


The DEI Governance Academy is a three-phased program designed for board members and senior leaders who are committed to advancing organizational DEI



Foundational and advanced courses to strengthen awareness and knowledge of organizational DEI. Through interactive discussions and activities, you will be equipped to integrate DEI across your organization. 



Delve deeper to identify and implement practical and effective DEI strategies specific to your board and organizational needs.



A peer support system where board members and senior leaders engage in honest and meaningful dialogue to advance organizational diversity, equality and inclusion.


The learning modules are designed for boards and senior management to strengthen their knowledge and understanding of organizational diversity, equality and inclusion. The foundational modules introduce key concepts and principles on DEI, and how to identify and remove systemic barriers that impact Indigenous and equality-deserving people and communities. The foundational sessions are followed by topic-specific advanced modules to deepen knowledge on organizational DEI.

Results you can expect

  • Deeper awareness of the systemic barriers that impede diversity, equality and inclusion and the impact on Indigenous and equality-deserving people and communities.
  • Strategies to embed diversity, equality and inclusion across your organization, including governance and operations.
  • Methods to track progress and measure the impact of your DEI initiatives.


In the Strategic Advisory Sessions, board members and senior management devise practical approaches, tools and strategies to embed DEI across the organization. In phase 2, you will:

  • Apply our signature model of organizational change to advance DEI as a board and senior management team. ​
  • Develop a methodology to integrate DEI into the lifecycle of board members and senior leaders, including succession planning, onboarding, and performance management.
  • Develop approaches to strengthen relationships and communication between the board and senior management to advance organizational DEI.
  • Apply a change management model to respond to resistance and to encourage awareness and understanding amongst the board, senior management and stakeholders.
  • Strengthen strategies to navigate difficult conversations on divisive issues across your organization.
  • Develop an engagement plan to remove barriers and strengthen relationships with stakeholders and rights-holders.
  • Develop a performance measurement framework to track progress of your organizational DEI initiatives.


In the Community of Practice, you will join other leaders who are committed to learning, collaborating, and championing organizational diversity, equality and inclusion.

​Board members and senior management from various sectors bring their perspectives and experience to inform emerging and ongoing issues within organizations and across governance. You will exchange ideas, experiences and share practical and conceptual approaches to identify and address systemic barriers within your organization.

As part of the Community of Practice, you will have the opportunity to participate in “Ask Me Anything” sessions. These sessions address issues you may not feel comfortable raising within your organization.

​The Community of Practice represents a peer support system where board members and senior management can engage in honest and meaningful dialogue to advance organizational diversity, equality and inclusion.

Results you can expect

  • ​Build meaningful relationships with fellow leaders, fostering collaboration and support in a brave space.
  • Learn best practices from leaders on barriers and opportunities to advance organizational DEI.
  • Leverage collective expertise to address DEI challenges and opportunities, drawing on real-world experiences and best practices.
  • Cultivate a deeper, more nuanced understanding of organizational culture, policies, and practices as they relate to the achievement of DEI.
Mante Molepo is wearing a black blazer and white shirt. She sits at a marble table and is typing on a MacBook Air.

Move from aspirational to measurable change

Stay updated with the latest developments in DEI and change management, ensure your organization remains ahead of the curve in an evolving landscape.

A Word From Our Clients

“Mante is an exceptional leader who facilitates thought provoking conversations about racism within the workplace with great care and attention. Mante carefully creates space for differing views while maintaining communal agreements to ensure respect, empathy and curiosity among group participants. Individuals throughout our organization praised Mante for her efforts in immediately establishing trust and credibility. She approaches her work with great rigor, while simultaneously offering insightful strategic perspectives to shift organizational culture and inform transformational change. We have been grateful to learn from Mante and look forward to ongoing collaborations.”

Suzanne ObiorahDirector, City of Ottawa

“Mante Molepo is an exceptional leader, deeply and personally committed to the practice of equity and anti-racism. She is bold, solution-driven and holds in-depth understanding of how oppression and racism manifest in organizational settings. She leads with integrity and care, always centering perspectives at the margins and leaves no-one behind in her pursuit of equitable work spaces. She is also highly discerning, a practical changemaker who excels at creating the right space and tone for challenging and meaningful conversations. What sets her apart is the lens of her own lived experience and her grasp of the unique intersections of race, gender, disability and other forms of discrimination. I felt incredibly supported by her as a Board member at Amnesty International Canada. We are forever indebted to her leadership. Her powerful voice and advocacy laid the ground for our transformative journey.”

Ketty NivyabandiSecretary General, Amnesty International Canada

“Mante possesses a remarkable ability to navigate the complexities of DEI within the legal sector and senior leadership, offering invaluable insights that drive positive transformation. Mante masterfully combines deep knowledge of DEI principles with a keen understanding of the legal profession's unique challenges. As a participant in the Ontario Bar Association’s Career Accelerator program, I had the privilege of witnessing Mante in action. Mante’s exceptional communication skills and empathetic demeanour create a safe space for all participants in the program. If you are seeking a consultant who not only comprehends the vital role diversity, equity, and inclusion play in today's legal landscape but also possesses the strategic prowess to guide senior leaders in fostering lasting change, Mante is the ultimate choice! Her contributions are indispensable for any organization aiming to create a more inclusive and equitable future.”

Monique BrandSenior Counsel, Department of Justice

“Mante is a dynamic, engaging Facilitator whose use of storytelling is truly impactful. Her lived experience in addressing racism and her background in governance provided an enriched, and meaningful day of learning for all participants. We are looking forward to continuing our work with Mante.”

Cheryl Hodder, KC, ICD.DCEO, Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society

“When I was planning a Women in Leadership conference and wanted to profile a woman whose leadership has been particularly impactful I chose Mante. Her perspective and passion for leadership in areas of diversity and inclusion are authentic and informative in ways that so many others could never advance. Her professional and articulate manner of addressing important sensitive issues add to the relevance and sincerity of her message. The feedback we received from those in audience was overwhelmingly positive and grateful which is a testament to both the substance and delivery of Mante’s messages.”

Katherine CooliganLawyer

“Over the years that I have known Mante, she has demonstrated a deep commitment to equity and inclusion. Mante has extensive experience working with organizations to understand the importance of equality. With her extensive knowledge of human rights and anti-racism, Mante leads hard conversations to effect real organizational change. She remains diplomatic, insightful and engaging, even in the most challenging of situations.”

Christopher UsihDirector of Education, Toronto District School Board

“Mante is kind, thoughtful, and genuinely cares about the work she does, and the people she works with. She also brings a wealth of talent and knowledge to her work, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked with her during my time at Genome Canada. In addition to helping us craft our IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility) strategy, she was an incredible partner - from helping me and my co-chair put our thoughts on paper in a compelling way, to providing guidance and support as we navigated our inaugural roles as co-chairs of the staff-led IDEA Committee. Mante also did a fantastic job of creating safe spaces for discussion, and facilitated conversations with staff in a way that ensured that everyone felt seen and heard. I would recommend Mante to anyone that is looking to do IDEA work in a meaningful and intentional way - she's awesome, and a true asset to the IDEA space.”

Fahad SamiDirector, Genome Canada
Mante Molepo is weating a black blouse and a multicoloured circular patterned skirt. She is smiling, with her arms folded, standing at the bottom of the stair-case with a white wall and small green plant behind her to the left.

A word about Mante


I know what it is like to be recruited to a board position in order to check a box. I also know what it takes to cultivate a board and senior leadership team where everyone can experience inclusion, psychological safety, and be treated equitably.

Board diversity is more than representation around the table. It involves a culture where individuals with different social identities and lived experience can inform decision-making, and where their advice has value.

And now, I am ready to share specific strategies and experience I’ve acquired to help professionals like you to advance organizational change and ensure that your board members and senior leaders are representative of the communities you serve.

As a DEI Consultant and Change Management Practitioner, I have:

  • Worked with thousands of professionals to address organization-wide DEI.
  • Advised senior executives across Canada’s federal government on DEI, including strategies related to recruitment and retention.
  • Served as the Ontario Bar Association’s Innovator in Residence to address the recruitment and retention of Indigenous, Black and other Racialized lawyers.
  • Served on selection committees to recruit senior leaders across various organizations.
  • Been elected to five boards of directors, representing various sectors from international human rights to healthcare and education.


Questions our top clients asked before enrolling in the DEI Governance Academy

Who should participate in the DEI Governance Academy?
The DEI Governance Academy is designed for board members and senior leaders whether you are in government, the non-profit or corporate sector, and you want to learn concrete strategies and approaches to integrate DEI into your boardroom and organizational culture.
Can you offer the DEI Governance Academy to our board or senior leadership team?
Yes, if you would like us to register your board or senior leadership team in the DEI Governance Academy please contact us at
Is this DEI Governance Academy available in French?
Nous offrons tous nos programmes en français. Si votre organisation s’intéresse dans la version française de l’académie, veuillez nous envoyer un courriel à
What is the time commitment?
The DEI Governance Academy has three phases. The Learning Modules (phase 1) are two hours long. The Strategic Advisory Sessions (phase 2) and the Community of Practice (phase 3) are one to two hours in length, depending on the needs of the organization.
Do I have to complete each phase of the DEI Governance Academy?
You are not required to complete the entire DEI Governance Academy, and you may complete either phase 1 or 2. However, in order to participate in the Community of Practice you must have completed phase 1 of the Academy.
When does the DEI Governance Academy run?
We offer DEI Governance Academy throughout the year to organizations. We also offer certain Learning Modules (Phase 1) on demand. This means that you can purchase individual seats to each Learning Module that you can complete on your own time.

Let’s do this!

Let’s advance organizational DEI together.


The Breakdown

  • All programming is available in English and in French
  • Foundational sessions followed by in-depth modules
  • In-person and virtual sessions with multiple dates
  • ​Customized programs for board retreats, board meetings, town halls, and senior management teams
  • Self-reflection learning guides, resources, surveys, interactive activities and group discussions


Designed For

  • ​Board members, senior management and governance professionals.
  • Organizations that have signed onto the 50-30 Challenge, the 30% Club and the Catalyst Accord 2022 and DEI initiatives.
  • Federal government leaders who are implementing the Clerk’s Call to Action.
  • Boards and senior leaders who are committed to advancing organizational diversity, equality and inclusion.
  • We work with non-profit, corporate and government entities whether in law, education and academia, healthcare and other sectors.

Join the thousands of professionals across Canada who have worked with us and enroll today.