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An interactive and engaging celebration of Black history and Black joy for the federal public service

As a federal public servant, what can I do to support racial inclusion and equality of Black people and communities?


As a federal public servant, you work with Black employees and communities, and you:

  • Want to support racial equality within your workplace by cultivating strong relationships with your colleagues,
  • Have been tasked with implementing the Clerk’s Call to Action Forward Direction to increase the representation of Black employees in senior executive ranks,
  • Conduct GBA Plus analysis and you want to strengthen your understanding of and engagement with diverse Black communities,
  • Need strategies to respond when you confront anti-Black racism and other forms of inequality within your workplace,
  • Want to gain a deeper understanding of the recommendations of the Employment Equity Act Review Task Force as they relate to Black employees.
  • Want to know what you and your department can do to address anti-Black racism following the recent Report of the Auditor General on Inclusion in the Workplace for Racialized Employees. 
  • Want to understand how to address the recommendations in the Senate report on Anti-Black Racism, Sexism and Systemic Discrimination in the Canadian Human Rights Commission. 

This course is designed to strengthen awareness, knowledge and understanding of anti-Black racism within the public service and in Canadian society so that you can contribute to an organizational culture where Black people experience full participation, belonging and equality.

Honouring Black Excellence Beyond February

is a roadmap for federal public servants who want to understand Black history, anti-Black racism and take concrete steps to advance racial inclusion and equality within their departments

Be the change you want to see.

Fostering racial equality in your department begins with you.


Truth and reconciliation
Diversity, equity and inclusion


We use them every day across our organizations to achieve equality and inclusion, but did you know that they originate in Black resistance movements, and they were all designed by and for Black people?

Black people have made significant contributions to society. At the same time, Black populations continue to experience significant barriers.

Honouring Black Excellence Beyond February explores the achievements of Black people to Canadian society while also addressing systemic anti-Black racism that Black people and communities continue to experience. In this course, you will:

  • Deconstruct terminology related to race and racism as it relates to Black identities, strengthening your understanding of the rich diversity among the Black population.
  • Review recent recommendations from the Employment Equity Act Review Task Force that Black workers should be a separate employment equity group under legislation, and how this impacts the work you do within your department.
  • Examine systemic anti-Black racism in Canadian society and across the federal public service, and its impact on Black employees and communities.
  • Review the Clerk’s Call to Action and what specific measures you can take to advance the recruitment and retention of Black leaders.
  • Examine an anti-racism framework to support and advance racial inclusion and equality for Black employees, clients and stakeholders.
  • Develop strategies that you can apply within your department to support the well-being of your Black colleagues, including how to be an ally at work, and how to respond in the moment when you confront anti-Black racism.
  • Examine the three pillars of the United Nations International Decade for People of African Descent, recognition, justice and development, and apply them to the work you are doing within your department.

In this program, you will gain a deeper understanding of anti-Black racism in Canadian society and in the federal public service. At the end of the course, you should have a deeper understanding of anti-Black racism, Black Canadian history, and what you can do to identify and remove the systemic barriers that Black people face.

A Word From Our Clients

Mante’s presentation on Understanding Anti-Black Racism was great as it placed a historical lenses on how anti-black racism has manifested across Canadian history and what the lasting impacts are on our reality today. I would recommend this session for anyone who is interesting in understanding a history that is not been traditionally taught in our school system. Thank you Mante!


I very much valued the trainings that Mante offered. She made clear links between the history and legacy of anti-Black racism and the systemic racism that exists today, particularly in the Canadian context. She discussed strategies to advance anti-racism and used examples that were relevant to our work while creating a safe space for discussion.


Mante offered an outstanding anti-racism training to our incoming cohort of law students. She is an engaging and empowering speaker, and a leadership role model for anyone committed to social justice and inclusion. The depth of her expertise on human rights, diversity and inclusion is truly impressive, as well as her ability to guide difficult conversations in a thoughtful, respectful manner. Her training, based both on theory and on real-life examples, was perfectly tailored for the audience. We are delighted to have found Mante Molepo.


Mante Molepo offre des formations bilingues des plus pertinentes pour sensibiliser nos organisations et milieux de travail à tout ce qui touche à l’inclusion, à la diversité, à la discrimination, etc. Plus que jamais, nous avons besoin aujourd’hui de telles formations et Mante Molepo, de par son expérience et ses compétences, demeure à mon avis incontournable.

Mante Molepo in a black chiffon blouse and bright coloured skirt, smiling and looking through the window and holding her iPad

Honouring Black Excellence Beyond February is a program for any public servant who is committed to achieving organizational diversity, equality and inclusion but may not know where to start or what to do.

I understand many of the barriers that Black public servants face. I have faced them myself working within and across different federal departments. However, I also know the tremendous opportunities that exist to advance racial equality for Black Canadians.

I work with leaders across the federal government who are committed to advancing the Clerk’s Call to Action and other measures to achieve racial equality. Achieving racial equality is more than increasing the representation of Black leaders in the public service. It is about identifying and removing institutional structures that adversely impact Black employees and stakeholders, challenging dominant narratives of what it means to be Black, and celebrating Black joy and the achievements of Black Canadians.

And I will show you how …

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in Honouring Black Excellence Beyond February