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From Silence to Dialogue: Building Resilient Organizations Through Courageous Conversations

Empower your board members and senior leaders with the essential skills, tools and strategies to navigate challenging conversations, and to build trust and psychological safety, without feeling it is impossible.

Courageous conversations are uncomfortable but necessary

Are you a board member or senior leader who is reluctant to talk about divisive issues, such as racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, or transphobia within your organization? You may be:

  • Expected to have all the solutions: you recognize that as a leader, you set the tone at the top, and you must know how to respond in the face of the increasing divisiveness. However, you feel you do not have the lived experience or knowledge of how to address these challenging issues.
  • Afraid of saying something wrong or being misinterpreted: you understand the weight of your words and the potential consequences in today’s heightened climate of cancel culture. Fear of misinterpretation and retribution has left you hesitant to engage in courageous conversations.
  • Witnessing silence within your organization: you feel increasingly frustrated by the silence, especially from your fellow leaders, on issues that are affecting people across your organization. You realize that this silence is undermining your organization’s commitments to DEI.
  • Eager to support your people but unsure how: you want to know when and how to show up for your people, but you lack the tools, resources, or competencies to effectively address divisive issues.
  • Concerned about the backlash: you understand that many individuals within your organization are feeling afraid, silenced and excluded. You are concerned of the potential backlash they might face when speaking out on certain issues. You recognize the urgent need to restore trust and strengthen psychological safety.
  • Committed to all stakeholders: you understand the importance of focusing on more than just your employees when addressing divisive issues. You realize that your organization’s impact extends to external stakeholders and the broader community your organization serves.

Which is why we designed this course.

You will learn step-by-step approaches, as well as frameworks and strategies to lead courageous conversations, overcome the silence, and bring people together. You will learn to restore trust, psychological safety and belonging across your organization.

Leading Courageous Conversations on Divisive Issues

will empower you to overcome the discomfort and uncertainty in navigating difficult conversations and to strengthen dialogue, psychological safety and belonging within your organization.

Leading hard conversations won’t always feel uncomfortable

Course Description

It is difficult to engage in conversations on divisive issues, without feeling afraid of offending someone, saying something wrong, or feeling exhausted explaining one’s lived experience with discrimination. In this module, participants learn strategies to engage in meaningful dialogue with board colleagues, senior leaders, employees and stakeholders on divisive issues such as racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia and transphobia. They explore how to approach these conversations with curiosity and humility while being mindful of how these discussions can adversely impact people who experience discrimination and systemic exclusion.

Through interactive discussions and scenarios, participants learn to begin and sustain courageous conversations, including how to:

  • Understand the barriers that exist within your organization that prevent people from speaking on issues that are divisive, for instance, why Indigenous, Black and other racialized people may not feel safe talking about race and racism.
  • Identify opportunities for courageous conversations through a step-by-step framework to begin, engage and sustain these conversations, even when they become challenging. You will learn strategies to respond in the moment, how to distinguish between intent and impact, and techniques for mindful listening.
  • Leverage values such as humility, curiosity, empathy, and compassion to build trust and psychological safety.
  • Establish the blueprints for a community agreement that you can use as a board or senior leadership team to begin and sustain challenging conversations.
  • Support middle managers who work directly with employees and external stakeholders with the tools and skills to navigate courageous conversations.
  • Develop an organizational culture that enables conversations on divisive issues so that people do not feel silenced, afraid or reprimanded for speaking out, while also mitigating harm.

At the end of this course, participants should be able to identify obstacles to navigating conversations on divisive issues, including how to prepare for, begin and sustain these conversations when they become challenging. Participants will be able to apply techniques of mindful listening, strategies for responding in the moment, and a community agreement framework to guide these conversations.

A Word From Our Clients

I can't speak highly enough about my experience in Mante’s session on “Leading Courageous Conversations on Race and Racism.” Her ability to foster a safe and inclusive environment where leaders can learn, while also having challenging conversations was truly remarkable.
Mante’s passion, expertise and commitment to advancing DEI was evident throughout the session, and I left feeling empowered to continue making a difference in my workplace. I am incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to learn from such a dedicated and inspiring leader. Thank you Mante!


Mante’s training was thoughtfully structured, seamlessly blending insightful presentations, interactive activities, and meaningful discussions. I appreciated how the content was not only informative but also designed to provoke self-reflection and introspection. Mante demonstrates an exceptional commitment to creating a safe and inclusive space for open dialogue. The training skillfully navigates complex topics, encouraging participants to share their thoughts and experiences. I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated and would highly recommend the training to anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of systemic racism and strategies to navigate such topics.


Mante Molepo’s Anti-Racism workshops that I participated in were outstanding. Mante expertly led and guided us through history to present-day events, and provided a forum for thoughtful, respectful and truthful discussion. Mante will help open your eyes, your minds and your hearts and show you the way to be better and do better in your workplace and community. Diversity equates to the highest performing and most sought after employers and I strongly recommend Mante Molepo to any public and private sector organization.


Mante is the most gifted facilitator I’ve had the privilege of working with in my professional career. She led our small start-up through the most challenging issue of our time. Mante carefully guided us in facing fears and building awareness around issues of anti-racism. She skillfully led us to a place of deeper awareness and towards the opportunity for change and growth. Mante does this, in part, by delivering best in class resources and deploying them with impeccable timing and skill. She is a powerful force of change by being an active and exceptional listener, by sharing her lived experience, and by her dedication to creating a more inclusive world.


[Mante] made me feel open to asking any questions without condemnation in order to learn! Sometimes I am afraid to ask because I might use wrong terminology or have the wrong ideas!

Mante Molepo in a black chiffon blouse and bright coloured skirt, smiling and looking through the window and holding her iPad

Leading Courageous Conversations on Divisive Issues is the most sought-after course that I facilitate.

Leaders struggle with navigating conversations on challenging topics. Without the right strategies and a deeper understanding of the underlying issues, these discussions often cause people to shut down and cause irreparable harm.

I understand why, as a leader, it feels impossible to initiate, let alone sustain these conversations. I also understand why people with marginalized identities are reluctant to talk about divisive issues which impact who they are. Within their organizations, they experience increasing exclusion and inequality where they feel unsafe and distrustful.

Hard conversations do not have to feel impossible. With the right approach, framework and strategies, you will be able to navigate these conversations and build trust and psychological safety within your organization.

And I will show you how …

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in Leading Courageous Conversations on Divisive Issues