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Gain insights, strategies and best practices to confidently champion diversity, equality, and inclusion across your organization

DEI is not just about employees or the workplace!
DEI is organizational


You are a board member, senior leader or executive and you:

  • Want to lead organizational diversity, equality and inclusion with purpose and clarity, but you lack strategy, resources and the right people.
  • Value the importance of DEI beyond performative initiatives,
  • Want to implement effective DEI policies, practices and process to inform day-to-day operations,
  • Want to meaningfully identify and respond to systemic barriers but there are limited structures within your organization to do so,
  • Face challenges in setting and achieving measurable DEI goals that align with your organization’s mission, vision, and values,

We designed this program to guide leaders to advance organizational diversity, equality and inclusion beyond the workplace. Our program will empower board members and senior leaders to integrate DEI into your organization’s operations and culture.

Advancing Organizational DEI: A Roadmap for Leaders
will enable you to examine the current state of your organization’s DEI and what it will take to achieve a future state where the structures are in place to cultivate DEI.

Are you ready to lead the change? Make DEI foundational to organizational performance, operations and governance


Many leaders feel they lack the lived experience and knowledge to lead initiatives on DEI. In fact, doing so feels like a daunting undertaking. As a leader, you may feel stuck in the face of increasing pressure from stakeholders that not enough is being done to foster a DEI culture or that certain DEI initiatives undermine meritocracy and organizational performance.

Advancing Organizational DEI: A Roadmap for Leaders will provide you with a deeper understanding of the current state of DEI within your organization and the challenges and opportunities that exist to further integrate diversity, equality and inclusion across your structures and operations, including governance. You will learn to develop the systems, frameworks and even the values to achieve a future state of organizational DEI.

By the end of this course, you will have learned how to:


  • Strengthen awareness and knowledge: be better equipped to identify and respond to the systemic barriers that create inequitable outcomes for Indigenous and equality-deserving people and communities.
  • Cultivate organizational-wide DEI: go beyond surface level DEI initiatives and integrate DEI into board policies, practices, processes and organizational structures and operations.
  • Leverage change management: apply change management approaches to respond to resistance in your organization, and to build DEI awareness and desire among employees, leaders, and other stakeholders.
  • Strengthen accountability: implement specific frameworks and processes to hold board members and senior leaders accountable to achieving commitments to DEI, including the use of consequential accountability.
  • Implement support mechanisms: build DEI systems of support so that board members and senior leaders have the knowledge, tools and resources to champion organizational DEI.
  • Measure organizational progress: develop a performance measurement framework to monitor and evaluate the progress of your organizational DEI measures.

A Word From Our Clients

I recently attended a learning event facilitated by the Department of Justice Canada at which Mante Molepo spoke on issues of anti-racism, equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. I am very grateful to Ms. Molepo for her thoughtful presentation and for sharing her unique perspective … She deftly drew from her own diverse professional and personal experiences, connecting them to popular and learned discourses, in a way that was accessible to the uninitiated but that also provided new insights to those who have long fought for better and fairer workplaces … Ms. Molepo has a commanding and engaging presentation style such that she consistently compelled the audience's full attention. I am very happy to recommend Ms. Molepo's participation as a speaker at events both inside and outside the federal government.


As a strong example of a successful, innovative, and resilient leader in the supplier community, choosing Mante as a speaker for our Small Business Information Expo in January of 2025 was easy! Not only has she successfully navigated doing business with the Government of Canada, making her familiar with the process, she is in the perfect position to advise and motivate others who may be just beginning their journey in doing the same. Mante gave an inspiring message that was reflective of her experience as the owner of a diverse small business, which prompted one of our most interactive events to date. Thank you Mante!


Mante’s presentation on Understanding Anti-Black Racism was great as it placed a historical lenses on how anti-black racism has manifested across Canadian history and what the lasting impacts are on our reality today. I would recommend this session for anyone who is interesting in understanding a history that is not been traditionally taught in our school system. Thank you Mante!


Mante walked with us on our board's journey to provide our students with learning environments that are grounded in equity, inclusion and diversity. She guided us in developing an Equity Action Plan and renewed Directional Policies and Administrative Procedures to ensure that equity, inclusion and diversity have been integrated into all that we do now and into the future. Mante provided professional development in this area to all levels of our organization including Trustees, Senior Administration, Principals and Vice Principals, central staff, teachers, and support staff. We are grateful to Mante for her collaboration, leadership and guidance as we continue to learn and grow in equitable, inclusive and diverse classroom and school spaces.

Mante Molepo in a black chiffon blouse and bright coloured skirt, smiling and looking through the window and holding her iPad

Advancing Organizational DEI: A Roadmap for Leaders will empower leaders to be bold and innovative in the face of increasing uncertainty, resistance and divisiveness on DEI.

Achieving organizational diversity, equality and inclusion is more than hiring “diverse” candidates or adopting a board diversity policy.

It is about changing organizational structures, culture, and norms to embed diversity, equality and inclusion, not because there is a business case for doing so, but because it is the right thing to do.

And I will show you how …

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in Advancing Organizational Change: A DEI Roadmap for Leaders