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How to Register

How to Use the Client Page

How to Complete the Surveys

How to Register for the Client Page

Step 1: Click the link provided in the email.

Step 2: Fill in the form. Click the yellow button ‘Register’.

Registration Page Form

Step 3: Upon clicking the yellow ‘Register’ button, you will be redirected automatically to the Client Page.

How to Use the Client Page

On the Client Page you will find all of the information you need. Some of the information you will find is as follows:

1. Session Information: The course module, date of the session, time of the session, virtual meeting or in-person meeting address, and the course description.

2. Learning Guide: Your learning guide will include reflection questions and activities to guide you through the course content. You can complete these optional activities at your own pace.

3. Pre-Survey and Post-Survey: Prior to each course, you will complete a pre-course survey to identify your learning goals and outcomes. The survey enables us to tailor the course to the unique needs of your organization. At the end of the course, you will receive a survey to assess your learning outcomes and to identify additional learning objectives.

Client Page with Numbered Descriptions

4. Suggested Resources: We curate a list of materials that are specific to your organization and your learning objectives. These learning materials are intended to further enhance your understanding of key concepts that are covered in the course.

A list of resources.

How to Complete the Surveys

1. On the Client Page, scroll down and click the yellow button titled ‘Pre-Survey’ or ‘Post-Survey’.

How to Use Surveys

2. You will be redirected to a Google Form.

3. Complete the Google Forms survey.

Google Form Next