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Mante Molepo, Standing with Arms Crossed in a Business Romper with Grey Windows in the Background.

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DEI Governance Academy

Many DEI consultants focus their practice on human resources and talent management. An organization is much more than its employees. We believe that change happens from the top. By empowering your board and senior leaders, your organization can advance sustainable diversity, equality and inclusion.

Our DEI Governance Academy represents a modern approach to governance, one that centres DEI as integral to how boards govern, management leads, and organizations function. We know that boards perform better when they are comprised of members that represent diverse, intersectional identities and whose input is valued and informs decision-making.

The DEI Governance Academy works with boards and senior management who want to embed DEI into all aspects of governance, strengthen and nurture relationships with their stakeholders and the communities they serve. Using our change management framework, we make DEI foundational to governance, so that boards and senior management are positioned to positively impact organizational performance.

Mante Molepo is weating a black blouse and a multicoloured circular patterned skirt. She is smiling, with her arms folded, standing at the bottom of the stair-case with a white wall and small green plant behind her to the left.

A word about Mante

I am an award-winning leader and DEI practitioner. I have worked with thousands of professionals, just like you, to address organizational diversity, equality and inclusion. 

I began my career as an international trade lawyer, where I represented the Government of Canada on some of its most ambitious free trade agreements, including the CETA, the CPTPP and other bilateral free trade agreements. 

I know what happens when organizations focus their efforts only on recruiting talent. In all the positions I occupied, I was the only Black woman lawyer. I experienced many barriers from everyday microaggressions, feeling invisible at work, to not advancing in my career. Eventually, I left these positions and began to thrive when I founded my own company. I know what it takes for organizations to not just recruit talent, but to also retain talent. I also know that for employees, board members, leaders and stakeholders to experience inclusion, belonging and equality, DEI must be embedded across the organization. 

In 2022, I was appointed the Ontario Bar Association’s Innovator in Residence where I designed a Career Accelerator program to advance Indigenous, Black and other Racialized lawyers in three emerging areas of law: Artificial Intelligence, ESG and Fintech.

I understand the everyday challenges and opportunities boards face. I serve on the Board of Governors of the Ottawa Hospital. I was also an elected member of the Ontario Bar Association Council, and a founding member and former co-Chair of Parents for Diversity, an organization committed to equitable and inclusive education. I am also a former Director of Amnesty International Canada, the Parkdale Food Centre, and EcoEquitable.

If you want to know what Mante is talking about, follow her on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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